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crushing up ritalin

What happens when i snort ritalin?.

01.09.2008  Best Answer: Okay, so my experience comes from Adderall but its pretty close to Ritalin. Snorting will give you the same rush as if you had just shot up

Ritalin for adults

  • Drug info - Best way to get a ritalin.

  • Drug info - Best way to get a ritalin.
    200 mg ritalin with blurred vision
    Street Names. Vitamin R; R-Ball; Smart drug Description Ritalin is a prescription drug that doctors give to people, mostly children, with "hyper-activity" or

    crushing up ritalin

    Can You Crush Ritalin Symptoms of Snorting Ritalin

    Inhaling - can you smoke ritalin - Drugs.

    Snorting Ritalin Side Effects

    crushing up ritalin

    Amphetamine > Concerta & Ritalin My dog got prescribed 20mg of Ritalin a day..I was wondering, for my dog to get the My eagle is in the same case, lucky you
    My dinosaur has a question, he searched on the forum and on google but didnt get a good answer. Can he smoke ritalin (just crushed up) in a cigarette?
    This site presents you with all the facts regarding Ritalin as objectively as I can, so that you may be able to decide yourself to take this drug or not
    Ritalin - D.A.R.E. America
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